The Story of a Local Hero: 4 Wheel Bob

There are dreamers, there are doubters, and then there are doers. Bob Coomber, known in the local community more commonly as 4 Wheel Bob, is a resident of Livermore, CA. Not only is he the Vice President on the Board of Directors for the Livermore Area Recreation & Park District (LARPD), but he is also an advocate for the health and wellness for all of those who have experienced physical ailments. Suffering from diabetes from the age of 19, 4 Wheel Bob has been unable to walk without causing severe harm to his body for the last 40 years. Rather than shy away from his passions, despite the challenges he has been presented with, Bob has dedicated his life to pursuing his own hopes and aspirations. Not only is the feat of hiking trails while in a wheelchair impressive enough- but he also uses his roll as a leader in the community to provide people with physical ailments with more accessible trails and facilities in the area. In addition to his ambitions on the Board of Directors, Bob also participates in the Veteran’s Hospital. It is his goal to present the veteran’s with a different aspect of life that they are otherwise lacking: he gives them the opportunity to get outside and enjoy nature, regardless of how limited they might perceive themselves to be. The story of 4 Wheel Bob is not only a story for those who are challenged or disabled physically: he shows those who are fortunate enough to be able-bodied that they shouldn’t take their health for granted. Whether in the board room or on the side of a mountain, the world needs more heroes like 4 Wheel Bob.


4 Wheel Bob Coomber: (925) 209-4433

Sycamore Grove Ranger Office: (925) 960-2400


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